Gideon's Angel

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from The Wild Rose Press Gideon's Angel

Alone since the death of her father, Jillian Montgomery thought life couldn't get any more difficult. Then she found herself fleeing from a ruthless Barnary Coast madam-straight into the path of a demented killer. Only by a twist of fate did Jillian survive. But now, on a fog-drenched island, she had become a prisoner of the very man she suspected of trying to kill her—a powerful, compelling lighthouse keeper who filled her with fear...and the unexpected heat of reckless desire.

Tormented by loss and the dark memories of a tragic shipwreck, Gideon Bolt swore he'd never let himself care for anyone again. Then someone began murdering prostitutes, and a half-drowned girl washed up on the rocky shores of his island home. Convinced Jillian was a harlot, Gideon vowed to keep his distance, until danger threatened to take her away, and he learned what his heart already knew...that this enticing beauty had the power to open the locked doors of his soul.

These Titles are Currently Out of Print

HEART OF THE LAWMAN ~ August 1999. HEART OF THE LAWMAN ~ August 1999. The law had made a mistake. Torn from her child's arms and imprisoned as a murdress, Marydyth Hollenbeck had thought her life was over. Now fate had set her free. But what was freedom, bound to ex-lawman Flynn O'Bannion, the man she had vowed to hate for the rest of her days?

Flynn had always ridden alone, until he became guardian to an angelic little girl, and knew his roaming days were over. But how would the child he considered his daughter feel when she discovered that he was the one who had sent her mother to prison for something she didn't do?

TERRITORIAL BRIDE ~ December 1998.
This book is out of print, but can be found at various on-line auctions and used book stores.

Brooks James thought he'd left his dandy days behind him. But when Missy O'Bannion, the wildfire cowgirl who'd lassoed his heart, set her sights on becoming a lady with a capital L, he traded the wide-open spaces of the West for the gilded streets of Little Old New York...!

Missy O'Bannion knew only two things: that she wanted to be a genuine "lady" and that one look from Brooks made her feel like anything but! Was this true love? He claimed he wanted her forever,
but she still had doubts that even true love could survive that long!

TEMPLE'S PRIZE ~ December 1997.
This book is also out of print, but can be found at various on-line auctions and used book stores.

There was more at stake here than money Temple Parish knew it the minute Constance Cadwallender set foot in Montana. If he were saddled with "little Connie", how could he concentrate on winning the scientific prize that would make his reputation? Particularly since Connie wasn't little anymore...and was determined to beat him at his own game!

Temple Parish was a modern-day pirate who'd stoop to anything to get what he wanted - even her, Constance feared. But now that she's challenged him to unearth a great discovery, how come all she could think about was burying herself in his arms?

This book is also out of print, but can be found at various on-line auctions and used book stores.

Chase Cordell was coming home Linese had long awaited her husband's homecoming,
but the hero that returned from the war was not the dashing rogue that had captured her in a whirlwind courtship. Who was this man with the haunted eyes who could still make her heart pound ceaselessly?

His memory shattered by war, Chase Cordell vowed to keep the loss of his identity a secret - even from the beautiful stranger whose touch rekindled a long-forgotten flame. But time was running out, and the past that stalked him was taking on a sinister life of its own....

ABBIE'S CHILD ~ June 1996.
This book is also out of print, but can be found at various on-line auctions and used book stores.

Abigail's Child...
Widow Abigail Cooprel had been devastated by the news that her daughter had died at birth and been "switched" with a healthy baby. Now, six years later, she cherished her son as if he were truly her own, and there was nothing she wouldn't do to keep him.

The years he'd roamed the Colorado mining camps searching for his long-lost wife and the child
he'd never seen had taken their toll on Willem Tremain. Lonely and bereft, he'd almost given up hope, until Abigail and her blue-eyed boy made him ache to love again.

This book can be found at various on-line auctions, or in used book stores if you are lucky.

A recluse since her accident, sheltered easterner Bellami James thought she was prepared for the challenge that awaited her in the New Mexico Territory. But when her "charge" turned out to be an embittered ex-deputy, Bellami had to wonder just what kind of mess she'd gotten herself into!

Trace O'Bannion was mad enough to spit nails. He'd show his interfering family what they could do with the sharp-tongued teacher they'd saddled him with. He didn't need - or want - Miss Bellami James, especially not when she smelled of lavender and made him remember what it meant to be a man.