By King's Command has been selected as a finalist in the 2011 AudiesŪ competition in the Romance category. The AudiesŪ are considered the most prestigious awards program in the United States honoring audiobooks.


5-angels and RECOMMENDED READ: Gideon’s Angel by Linda Lea Castle is a satisfying, emotional read. The story hooked me on page one and I read the book in one sitting, deeply disappointed when the last page was turned. Ms. Castle is a gifted writer, delivering a compelling story with perfect pacing. As the relationship develops between Gideon and Jillian, the reader can feel the attraction beginning to simmer until it reaches its emotional boiling point. Ms. Castle builds the suspense aspect of the story with escalating tension and curiosity until the reader is fearful of what lies on the next page. This is the first book by Linda Lea Castle that I have read, but it will not be the last. -- Devon, Fallen Angel Reviews


5-Hearts: Author Linda Lea Castle pens an absolute must-read for all fans of historical, medieval, and Templar-related lore, or any reader simply searching out a wonderfully-told story. The characters are finely explored, and the rapid-paced plot will scarcely let the reader draw breath, let alone put the story aside until completed. The Templar’s Treasure is truly a must for the Keeper Shelf.--Annie, The Romance Studio


4-Cups:This interesting novel has a different look at a popular subject. The subplots work but remain focused on the overall storyline. Gair is a wonderful tortured hero and Heather, though prideful at the beginning, becomes a strong heroine. While not a racy novel, it has one of the best descriptions of a kiss I have read. Another plus is Gair’s behavior; when faced with a dilemma he is honest and straight forward. I love this about Templar’s Treasure and congratulate Ms. Castle on an outstanding book.--Anya, Coffee Time Romance


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